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When Visiting

Below is some information that may be helpful:

Booking the Clubhouse for accommodation:

  1. Only members and their accompanying guests can use the clubhouse or stay in the accommodation.
  2.  Book by emailing the club at All stays at the clubhouse must be pre-booked with the club.
  3.  The club will confirm the booking. You are not booked in until this is confirmed. The club will CC the email of the confirmation to the secretary and treasurer.
  4.  Once confirmed, please pay through Lifesaving online (members) or at the payment gateway in advance of your stay. Accommodation MUST be paid for in advance.
  5.  Upon arrival, sign the sheet at the club
  6.  Following the Rules of the Clubhouse are a condition of the stay. Any breach of the rules will be treated as a disciplinary matter. These are displayed on the noticeboard.

Staying at the Palms


1. Take the Royal National Park exit off the princess highway(you should be able to get onto this using the street directory). The entrance is just past Loftus.
2. Follow this road where they you will pass a park rangers box. There is a fee of $11 per day. The gates to all park areas are locked at 8.30 pm each day and are opened around sunrise.
3. Keep following the road where you will go over Audley Weir, continue on.
4. You will come to a turnoff for Bundeena, pass this and continue. Next you will come to a turnoff for Wottamola, pass this and continue.
5. When you get to the Garie beach turnoff you should take that exit. All roads are on the left hand side.
6. Straight after the turnoff you will see an open gate, 20metres after you pass the gate there will be an entrance to the right which will lead you down a dirt road to a carpark.
7. This is where the walk begins. You should then follow the sign down to Burning Palms. It's a 2.5km walk down a fairly rough trail so I would suggest you dress comfortably and wear comfortable walking shoes with support. ie joggers or hiking boots.

What to Bring:
Once you start the walk down the hill to Burning Palms you may go into shock as you will be taken away from the hustle and bustle of city life ……………but you’ll get over it pretty quickly as you adjust to the smell of clean air and the sound of nature:). You will also realise at this point that there will be no shops at Palms either hence you will need to carry in all your food, clothes and some sleeping gear. Note: A backpack to carry your gear in is highly recommended.

Food: There are cooking and eating facilities including a stove, a barbeque, fryng pans, plates, cups and cutlery down at Palms. The recommendation is to bring in food that is easy to prepare and easy to carry such as meat to barbeque, sandwiches and salads. There is running water from a tank that collects rain which is drinkable. If you are uncomfortable with drinking rain water you will need to bring down your own drinks.

Clothes: The following is recommended:
- Comfortable clothes and shoes
- Warm clothing for the evenings
- A big tip is that as its pretty laid back at palms and you will only be spending one night down there the less you bring the better off you’ll be.

Sleeping Material: You will need to bring down a light blanket or sleeping bag, a sheet and a pillow case. There are bunks mattresses and pillows down there.

Other recommended items:

- Torches
- Matches
- One roll of toilet paper
- Insect repellant
- Sunscreen
- Some plastic bags for garbage.

Facilities: When you get down to Burning Palms there will be somebody to open up the clubhouse and to walk you through the faciilites.

Sleeping: There are bunks with mattresses in the clubhouse which are comfortable. The sleeping arrangements will be first in first serve for the different beds in the different rooms.

Bathroom: There is a girls and boys bathroom that contains toilets and showers. I hate to say this but showers only run cold water so we understand if you prefer to skip a shower one night of your life.

Cooking: As mentioned previously there is a gas stove and barbeque. All cooking and eating utensils are down there.

Electricity: We are solar powered at the Palms, with fridge and freezers operating 24hrs. However there is a diesel generator that can be run in the evenings for back-up power.

Clubhouse Rules: The first and most important rule is to leave the clubhouse as you found it!! 

  •   You will need to clean up the clubhouse when you are leaving and carry out all your belongings including the garbage. There is a broom for sweeping and kitchen cleaning materials to do the dishes and clean the fridge out with.
  •   If you accidently break anything you will need to replace it.
  •   Lock all the windows and doors when leaving.
  •   Secondly feel free to use all the facilities and equipment that is down there but treat it like you would treat any of your own belongings.
  •   Thirdly all non – organic garbage needs to be collected and carried up to the carpark where there are bins.
  •   Fourthly follow the rules as posted on the noticeboard
  •   Finally relax, have a great time and appreciate the environment at Palms.

Note: Camping is not allowed at Burning Palms. If you would like to camp please contact that National Parks and Wildlife Authority for directions to the closest camping grounds.

Club rules are below:

Clubhouse_Rules_Final 20101001.pdf25.37 KB
Burning Palms Induction sheet 1.pdf93.99 KB