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Burning Palms offers a full suite of training courses to enable both the public and members to be equipped with essential lifesaving skills. Courses on offer include:

  • Surf Rescue Certificate for those aged 13 to 15 years old. This course is designed to provide basic surf rescue skills.
  • Bronze Medallion course for those aged 15 years and over which is the basic course for Lifesavers.
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques to enable the use of resusciation and defibrillation equipment.

Please contact the Club at for course dates and information.

We encourage everyone to learn CPR.

The basic award you can attain to patrol is the Bronze Medallion that is completed in conjunction with a Certificate II in Aquatic Rescue. It encompasses the following skills:
• Resuscitation
• Full patient assessments
• First Aid Skills
• Surf Awareness
• Surf Skills
• Rescue Tube and Board rescues
• Two-way radio operation
• Hand and flag signals
• Effective teamwork skills

To join the club please Register and Join Burning Palms at

Upon successful completion of the course you will have gained a SLSA Bronze Medallion, which provides you with skills invaluable to assist in all first aid cases and accidents.

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Proficiency dates

Proficiencies to be held at Burning Palms are on the following dates all commencing at 11:00am. Please note all members must be proficient by 31/12/2016.

Sunday 2nd October - 11.15am
Sunday 6th November - 11.15am
Sunday 27th November - 11.15am
Sunday 11th December - 10.15am
Monday 26th December - 10.15am

Bronze and SRC Proficiencies will commence at 11:00am sharp followed by specialist awards.

Training Circulars and Information for Members

Information regarding advanced awards can be found at: