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Skills Maintenance / Proficiency info for BPSLSC members

Preparation for the season

Hi BP members,

There is an earlybird Start of Season proficiency this weekend, Sunday 4th October at 11.15am.  Come on down and get it done and dusted so you're all set for the season! There is also a Start of Season BBQ from 3pm on Sunday, so it should be a fun weekend if you can stick around for a drink after patrol.

This year you can complete some of your proficiency (aka Skills Maintenance) components online, to help speed up the process.  Unfortunately you can't do your Run-Swim-Run online, so you will still have to do that and actual rescue techniques on the day but doing some of the theory & signals etc will make it a faster session.

I've attached a guide to point you in the right direction to the 'Online Learning Centre' within the SLSA Members portal.   Here's the link.

then follow my guide to find the e-learning centre.

I've also attached the Circular which relates to the Skills Maintenance process.  If you have not done a proficiency for 3 or more years, then you will need to do an in-depth proficiency.  Please flag this with me before the date you are hoping to complete your proficiency so we can discuss re-training requirements.

Please have a go at doing those components online.  If you have trouble with the e-learning site or any questions, please call me 0403 071 153 or email

Thanks. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Alex Flower
Burning Palms SLSC

BPSLSC Skills maintenance online help guide.pdf307.9 KB
Proficiency Requirements 2015-16.pdf184.75 KB